Holistic nutritional therapy


As a medical nutritionist, I specialize in a WFPBdiet for degenerative diseases:


• Tumor diseases

• Kidney diseases

• Rheumatic diseases (especially scleroderma)

• Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease

• Metabolic diseases (type 2 diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, gout, etc.)


In addition, I also advise on various other diseases and complaints:


• Food intolerances (lactose, fructose, histamine)

• Irritable bowel syndrome

• Skin diseases

• and other





BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)


In my holistic nutritional therapy, I use BIA to obtain information about body composition.

With the help of this analysis, it is possible to see whether the body is in a good nutritional state and whether, for example, sufficient protein is present in the body. Here's how the BIA works.







I also advise healthy people primarily with the aim of preventing the above-mentioned diseases or to reduce their risk of developing them. In my consultation, you can also learn how to optimize your individual nutrient and energy supply and improve well-being, performance and quality of life.





Individual and group coaching


In addition to individual coaching, I also offer coachings for small groups (such as families).





Coaching at your home


If you are not able to visit my practice, I will gladly come to your home. Especially handicapped patients or small groups like to take advantage of my mobile nutrition consultation. If you need help with shopping - I'm happy to help.





Coaching out of Berlin


My practice is located in Berlin-Tegel, so I am mainly in Berlin and the surrounding area. Depending on the order and agreement, I also drive to L other cities to give you comprehensive advice.





Coaching by phone or Skype


I am happy to advise you also by phone or Skype.





Lectures and training


I offer these nationwide in various institutions: hospitals, medical practices, health insurance companies, self-help groups, businesses (workplace health promotion). A BIA measurement in the respective facilities is also possible.








BIA - Bioelectrical impedance analysis


Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is an electrical resistance measurement in an organic body and thus a method of determining body composition. In doing so, we make use of the knowledge that the different tissues of the body have different electrical resistances. With two electrodes on the hand and foot, a weak current that is not noticeable to humans is passed through the body.


Using the measurement parameters (Resistance, Reactance and phase angle) and data of the person to be measured (weight, height, sex, age), certain formulas and special software are used to calculate body composition and assess nutritional status. Fat mass, body water and cell mass (muscle and organs) can be determined.


The areas of application of the BIA are: early detection of malnutrition and nutritional deficiency, review of the course of nutritional therapy, impact of dietary change on body composition and others.

The BIA is precise, safe, inexpensive and non-invasive. It has been tested in many studies and scientifically recognized.













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