Plant-based nutrition, vital food, raw food


Depending on the disease, the diet consists mainly of vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, peas, beans, lentils, nuts, mushrooms, fermented plant foods, high-quality vegetable oils, herbs, spices, seeds, germs, sprouts, wild herbs and others. I strongly recommend restricting the consumption of animal foods or giving them up altogether, because there is hardly any animal food that can not be replaced by plant foods. From the plant-based, full-fledged diet, I recommend consuming at least 50% raw. Raw food should not be heated above 42 ° C, so that vitamins and enzymes are retained and the chemical structure of the proteins and fats is not destroyed. In my work I focus especially on your intestinal health, because 80% of our immune system is localized in the intestines and thats where the vital intake of nutrients takes place.





Step by step


The conversion to the WFPB diet should take place gradually because of the high content of fiber, so as not to overburden the digestive system. This regards in particular the daily intake of raw food. If this is too high, you may obtain exactly the opposite effect:  all kinds of indigestion and discomfort could result. This would be an additional burden especially for sick people. To avoid any discouragement that may arise from such conversion problems or deficiency symptoms, I accompany you gently at your own pace.







Those who eat no meat or animal products are not automatically healthier. Even the opposite can be the case. Malnutrition could occur as well as specific nutritional deficiencies. An under-supply of vitamin B12, iron, iodine, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, selenium or protein can be dangerous, especially for sick people. Therefore, you should not underestimate the importance of a balanced nutritional intake and entrust yourself to an experienced nutritional expert. By properly compiling the WFPB diet, I help you to avoid typical nutritional deficiencies and to achieve a good nutritional status. The results of the BIA that I perform for you and the medical blood count show if you are well supplied with all the nutrients. If necessary, I also advise you on a sensible use of suitable animal products and nutritional supplements from the field of nutritional medicine.





Helping people help themselves


My nutritional counseling is a practical "self-help" tool to help you implement your individual recommendations, and in my practice there is a well-equipped kitchen where I can show you how to cope well with a diet without meat or other animal products Together we use devices that are necessary for a full-fledged WFPB or to prepare raw food. At first you need a good knife and a blender.If you want more, you can add a blender, germinator, dehydrator, juicer, etc. In the kitchen, I can show you delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are adapted to your needs The recipes are simple and suitable for everyday use. Even fermenting vegetables or other plant foods can be done easily at home. You will quickly realize: WFPB nutrition is not a sacrifice, but an enrichment. There is so much variety in nature, and we can make the most of it.





Regional, organic, seasonal


For environmental reasons, I prefer foods from our region or at least from Germany, which are preferably organic, non-gmo and seasonal.





Not a question of money


Vitality and health is in my opinion not a question of money. With the right nutrition plan even people with modest financial means can achieve very good results. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are not only cheaper, but also significantly more sustainable.




Impressions from the kitchen

You do not need many appliances to prepare raw food. A good blender, a good water filter and fresh ingredients will give you the best results. The idea of ​​raw food is still simple: get out of the kitchen - back to nature. Preparing for hours is not necessary. I'll show you tips and tricks how to succeed.


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