Nutritional advice on cancer


For about 15 years I have been working successfully with cancer patients and I know that it is possible to provide good support for the body during and after classical, conventional medical therapy (surgery, chemo, radiation) with a WFPB diet rich in vital substances. My advice is based on both experience as well as on scientific studies (e.g. „The China Study“ by T. Colin Campbell)


Depending on the phase of the cancer and individual tolerance, the diet I recommend consists mainly of WFPB foods. I especially recommend fermented foods (especially vegetables), vegetable juices and wild herbs. In my consultation we will discuss how these foods could be prepared according to the needs of the patient. A practical demonstration is also possible on request in the practice kitchen.


It is crucial to be well versed in WFPB  nutrition, able to choose suitable foods in various phases of tumor therapy and to prevent nutritional deficiency, especially malnutrition. I will be happy to assist you with my many years of experience in caring for cancer patients. In my program  I also  include other diets that have proven to be successful such as the one from Dr. med. Johanna Budwig.


As far as your nutritional status is concerned, I regularly check with the modern BIA measurement. If you wish and agree, I will also contact your attending physician to help you achieve the best possible diet for your current medical condition.




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